September 27, 2005

Art withdrawn because it might offend Muslims

Via Labin Tall. The tate has had a peice withdrawn because it might offend Muslims. It is called 'God is Great':
God Is Great consists of a large sheet of glass and copies of the Koran, the Bible and Judaism's Talmud that have been cut apart.

The pieces are mounted on either side of the glass to make it appear that they are embedded in it. It was due to appear in the Tate's current British Art Displays exhibition.
So obviously it should offend Christians and Jews just as much. But it was not, and would never have been, withdrawn for offending them. Just the Muslims are the ones that the Tate doesn't want to offend. Perhaps because it's directors don't want to be hunted down and killed, or forced into hiding, by Islamists.


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